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University provides instruction in the subject that all students must study, namely the general education course

17.4 Education for the SDGs

17.4.1 Does your university as a body have a commitment to meaningful education around the SDGs across the university, that is relevant and applicable to all students?

University provides instruction in the subject that all students must study, namely the general education course, which teaches the content of sustainable development. It consists of the following courses

To Follow in the Royal Foot Steps of His Majesty the King course description: Biographies of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great and His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua, royal talents, the Ten Virtues of the King, royal working principles, royal works, human resources development, natural resources and environment, royal initiative projects, and the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.

Scientific Thinking and develop Innovation course description: Students can understand and explain scientific thinking processes, technology, and innovation in daily life. They can also know and think critically and creatively then can choose appropriately for using. The students will be able to develop innovations to solve local problems appropriately, creatively, in accordance with scientific process skills and mathematical skills used in daily life.

Health Promotion for Quality of Life course description: To promote and develop students’ positive behaviors for building physical, mental and social health. Essentially, having good life skills and knowing depression and stress disorders, to understand the contents of the consumer health, including, drug using, exercising, preventing of accidents, preparing first aid for emergency situations and having an ability to perceive the sense of beauty and aesthetic in art.

Globalization course description: Definition and significance of globalization, effects of development in terms of communication, transportation and information technology on multicultural societies, politics, economics and environments, effects of current situations on ways of living under the conceptual framework of globalization, Thai way of living in global trend for sustainable development and cohabitation under the globalized society.

Cultivation of VRU Identities course description: To encourage and cultivate learners to be pround of VRUness in the aspects of being volunteerspirits, responsible for the university and the society, reserving the natural environment as well as participating in community’s problem solving and development.

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