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Organized many national and international conferences whose focuses are related to SDGs,

17.2 Relationships to support the goals

17.2.2 Does your university as a body initiate and participate in crosssectoral dialogue about the SDGs, e.g. conferences involving government/NGOs?

Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage (VRU) has organized many national and international conferences whose focuses are related to SDGs, including the 11th Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat Universities Conference with a special focus on spatial community development (July 15th, 2021, taken place at Bangsaen Heritage Hotel, Mueng district, Chonburi province), the 8th Academic Science and Technology Conference ASTC2021 (March 26th, 2021), whose title is ‘Science, Research, Innovation, Adopting the King’s Science to Develop the Country’, the 6th National Conference titled ‘Innovative Management: Research and Development for Creating Innovation in the New Normal’ with collaboration among twelve universities (on May 7th, 2021, taken place virtually via Zoom and hosted by VRU), the 2nd National Creative Work Presentation of Fine Arts VRU Contemporary Folk Festival 2020 hosted by Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi and VRU (November 26th – 27th, 2021), the 6th National Conference titled ‘Innovation and Development Models for the New Normal’ organized by domestic and international institutions (on February 15th – 16th, 2021, taken place at the Faculty of Management Sciences, Thepsatri Rajabhat University, Lopburi province), the 2nd Industrial Technology Conference on ‘Researching and Developing Industrial Technology Innovation for Local Development’ (held at Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University and hosted by Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University, Nakhon Si Thammarat Provincial Industry, and Nakhon Si Thammarat Provincial Industrial Council, July 20th, 2021), Health GIS 2020 International Conference co-hosted by Asian Institute of Technology (on February 25th – 26th, 2021), and the 5th National and the 2nd International Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin Conference titled ‘Innovation, Technology, and Creative Work towards Sustainable Development’ (on July 7th – 9th, 2021, held at Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin).

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