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Network of cooperation supported by government and private agencies with respect to SDG1

17.2 Relationships to support the goals

17.2.1 Does your university as a body have direct involvement in, or input into, national government or regional nongovernment organisations SDG policy development including identifying problems and challenges, developing policies and strategies, modelling likely futures with and without interventions, monitoring and reporting on interventions, and enabling adaptive management?

Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage (VRU) has a network of cooperation supported by government and private agencies with respect to SDG1 (no poverty), allocating scholarships to poor students. Government organizations that collaborate with VRU include Student Loan Fund (SLF) and Income Contingent Loan (ICL). Furthermore, VRU is also supported by external organizations that support students’ tuition fees and cost of living through scholarships such as Teacher’s Day Scholarship, Central Group Scholarship, Tesco Lotus Scholarship, SB Furniture Scholarship, and Home Products Center Ltd. Scholarship. VRU has also taken part in community development in terms of sustainable economy and society, elevating local people’s livelihood in two provinces, namely Pathum Thani and Sa Kaeo. This is achieved through the community network creation of local-problem-solving practitioners. Government organizations in Pathum Thani and Sa Kaeo  that have collaborated with VRU include Provincial Agriculture and Cooperatives, Provincial Agriculture Offices, Subdistrict Administrative Organizations, Provincial Community Development Offices, Provincial Tourism and Sports Offices, Provincial Commerce, Provincial Industry, Community Enterprise Groups, Product Processing, Community Product Development, Provincial Public Relations Offices, Agricultural Learning Center outside the areas, Provincial Tourism Industry Councils, Department of Community Development, and Pathum Thani Provincial Cultural Office. All these organizations are chiefly concerned with the development of three projects, including local-problem-solving practitioners’ community network creation project, local product development project, and integrated subdistrict’s economy and society upgrading project. All these projects aim at increasing local people’s income and elevating their sustainable livelihood. Lastly, VRU has also collaborated internationally to solve poverty problems in an absolute way with Xi’an University in China. 

With respect to SDG4, VRU has a collaboration connection with twelve primary schools under the Educational Service Area Offices in Pathum Thani and Sa Kaeo. Moreover, VRU Demonstration School has collaborated with Office of the Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education, in the ‘Transforming the Quality of Thai Learning Management’ project that prioritizes active learning and allows students to gain access to innovation in two years. The model developed by the school will be used by schools under the Educational Service Area Offices of all sizes. In terms of SDG12, VRU has collaborated with Takhlong Municipality with respect to the reducing of plastic bags and has also initiated collaboration with the Department of Environment to treat waste water. 

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